New Oracle APEX plugin! Scrollable Date Picker

New Oracle APEX plugin! Scrollable Date Picker

Meet the Scrollable Date Picker, a new APEX item plugin designed to simplify date selection.


  1. Download Scrollable Date Picker

  2. Import item_type_plugin_com_rodrigomesquita_scrollabledatepicker.sql file into your application.


  1. Create a page item

  2. Choose Scrollable Date Picker [Plugin] as an item type

Translate to your language

  1. Navigate to the "Shared Components".

  2. Click on "Component Settings."

  3. Select "Scrollable Date Picker [Plug-in]."

  4. Modify the week and month names to your desired values.

  5. Ensure that the configuration remains a valid JSON array.

Responsive and perfect for all screens

When using small screens, you can select a date more easily by utilizing the drag and scroll feature. This function allows you to smoothly navigate and pick the desired date with convenience.


Clique here so see it working.